My Writing

I love writing poetry but I also enjoy writing short stories and articles. Below you will find my full collection, put together over many many years.


The Last Time

She leans in and kisses his lips
It’s the last time she’ll see him like this.

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Night rolls in and I’m always awake
I’m ok with the Lord, my soul to take

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A Proud Gay Man

I will survive your stares and glares
Your hateful words, your jokes unfair
I will outlast your prejudice views
Your damnation of me will not come true
A proud gay man, that’s me

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Change is not something we take well
It feels like a swift trip through hell

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Life is like a rollercoaster
Rising high into the sky

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Stories & Articles

Be A Freak

It’s about how to function in a dating world without completely creeping someone out within the first few days, weeks or even months.

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Death by Dream

My comrades and I place explosives around a massive cave and blow it open. There is nothing but darkness in front of our faces as we slowly creep into the cavern. Ten slow steps forward and a fleet of enemy men look at us straight in the face.

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Balancing Act

As men we have an obligation to work and provide for ourselves and our family. We also have to figure out how to balance our professional life with our personal life, which can be even more complicated if you’re gay.

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Complicated Life

Gary is a simple yet complicated young man who is only 18 years old with brown hair, brown eyes, a round face and an average build.

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